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SharePoint 2013 Limits

SharePoint 2013 Limits

Maximum Value
Web application limits

Web application
20 per farm
Content database
300 per Web application
5 per Web application
Managed path
20 per Web application
Solution cache size
300 MB per Web application
Site collection
250,000 per Web application
Web server and application server limits

Application pools
10 per Web server
Content database limits

Number of content databases
500 per farm
Content database size (general usage scenarios)
200 GB per content database
Content database size (all usage scenarios)
4 TB per content database
Content database size (document archive scenario)
No explicit content database limit
Content database items
60 million items including documents and list items
Site collections per content database
2,000 recommended
5,000 maximum
MySites per content database
5,000 per content database
Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) storage subsystem on Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Time to first byte of any response from the NAS cannot exceed 20 milliseconds
Site collection limits

Site collection
2,000,000 per farm
Web site
250,000 per site collection
MySites per farm
500,000 per farm
Site collection size
Maximum size of the content database
Number of device channels per publishing site collection
List and library limits

List row size
8,000 bytes per row
File size
2 GB
30,000,000 per library
Major versions
Minor versions
30,000,000 per list
Rows size limit
6 table rows internal to the database used for a list or library item
Bulk operations
100 items per bulk operation
List view lookup threshold
8 join operations per query
List view threshold
List view threshold for auditors and administrators
2,000 per site view
Coauthoring in Word and PowerPoint for .docx, .pptx and .ppsx files
10 concurrent editors per document
Security scope
1,000 per list
Column limits

Single line of text
Multiple Lines of Text
Date and Time
Yes / No
Person or group
Hyperlink or picture
Managed metadata
Page limits

Web parts
25 per wiki or Web part page
Security limits

Number of SharePoint groups a user can belong to
Users in a site collection
2 million per site collection
Active Directory Principles/Users in a SharePoint group
5,000 per SharePoint group
SharePoint groups
10,000 per site collection
Security principal: size of the Security Scope
5,000 per Access Control List (ACL)
Search limits

Search service applications
20 per farm
Crawl databases
5 crawl databases per search service application
Crawl components
2 per search service application
Index components
60 per Search service application
Index partitions
20 per search service application
Index replicas
3 per index partition
Indexed items
100 million per search service application;
10 million per index partition
Crawl log entries
100 million per search application
Property databases
10 per search service application;128 total
Link database
Two per Search service application
Query processing components
1 per server computer
Content processing components
One per server computer
Scope rules
100 scope rules per scope; 600 total per search service application
200 site scopes and 200 shared scopes per search service application
Display groups
25 per site
100,000 per search application
Content sources
50 per search service application
Start addresses
100 per content source
Concurrent crawls
20 per search application
Crawled properties
500,000 per search application
Crawl impact rule
no limit
Crawl rules
no limit
Managed properties
50,000 per search service application
Values per managed property
Indexed managed property size
512 KB per searchable/queryable managed property
Managed property mappings
100 per managed property
Retrievable managed property size
16 KB per managed property
Sortable and refinable managed property size
16 KB per managed property
URL removals
100 removals per operation
Authoritative pages
1 top level and minimal second and third level pages per search service application
200 per site collection
Metadata properties recognized
10,000 per item crawled
Analytics processing components
6 per Search service application
Analytics reporting database
Four per Search service application
Maximum eDiscovery KeywordQuery text length
16 KB
Maximum KeywordQuery text length
4 KB
Maximum length of eDiscovery KeywordQuery text at Search service application level
20 KB
Maximum length of KeywordQuery text at Search service application level
20 KB
Maximum size of documents pulled down by crawler
64 MB (3 MB for Excel documents)
Navigable results from search
100,000 per query request per Search service application
Number of entries in a custom entity extraction dictionary
1 million
Number of entries in a custom search dictionary
5,000 terms per tenant
Number of entries in a thesaurus
1 million
Ranking models
1,000 per tenant
Results removal
No limit
Term size
300 characters
Unique terms in the index
2^31 (>2 billion terms)
Unique contexts used for ranking
15 unique contexts per rank model
User defined full text indexes
User Profile Service limits

User profiles
2,000,000 per service application
Social tags, notes and ratings
500,000,000 per social database
Maximum Number of Users Imported Via FIM
Content deployment limits

Content deployment jobs running on different paths
Blog limits

Blog posts
5,000 per site
1,000 per post
Business Connectivity Services limits

ECT (in-memory)
5,000 per Web server (per tenant)
External system connections
500 per Web server
Database items returned per request
2,000 per database connector
Response latency
600 seconds
Service response size
150,000,000 bytes
Filter Descriptor (in-store)
200 per ECT method
ECT Identifier (in-store)
20 per ECT
Database Item
1,000,000 per request
Workflow limits

Workflow postpone threshold
Workflow timer batch size
Workflow associations
100 per list
List items or documents that can be bulk created or uploaded to start workflow instances
5,000 items
Published workflow definitions per site
1,000 per site
Total workflow associations per site
1,799 per site
Maximum workflow definition (xaml) size
5,120 KB
Maximum depth of a workflow sub-step in xaml (workflow complexity)
121 levels
Workflow instance activations per second per web server
6 per second
Rest calls from SharePoint workflow per second per web server
60 per second
Workflow variable value size
256 KB
Maximum list size for workflow lookups to non-indexed fields
5,000 items per list view
Maximum list size for auto-start workflow associations
10 million items per list
Managed Metadata term store (database) limits

Maximum number of levels of nested terms in a term store
Maximum number of term sets in a term store
Maximum number of terms in a term set
Total number of items in a term store
Number of Variation Labels
209 per term store
Visio Services limits

File size of Visio Web drawings
50 MB
Visio Web drawing recalculation time-out
120 seconds
Visio Services minimum cache age (data connected diagrams)
Minimum cache age: 0 to 24hrs
Visio Services maximum cache age (non-data connected diagrams)
Maximum cache age: 0 to 24hrs
SharePoint Web Analytics service limits

SharePoint entities
PerformancePoint Services limits

1,000,000 per query on Excel Services data source
Columns and rows
15 columns by 60,000 rows
Query on a SharePoint list
15 columns by 5,000 rows
Query on a SQL Server data source
15 columns by 20,000 rows
Word Automation Services limits

Input file Size
512 MB
Frequency with which to start conversions (minutes)
1 minute (recommended) 
15 minutes (default)
59 minutes (boundary)
Number of conversions to start per conversion process
For PDF/XPS output formats: 30 x M For all other output formats: 72 x M Where M is the value of Frequency with which to start conversions (minutes)
Conversion job size
100,000 conversion items
Total active conversion processes
N-1, where N is the number of cores on each application server
Word Automation Services database size
2 million conversion items
SharePoint Workspace limits (Renamed to Office Live Workspace)

Office Live Workspace list items
30,000 items per list
Office Live Workspace documents
1,800 documents in Office Live Workspace
OneNote limits

Number of Sections and Section Groups in a OneNote Notebook (on SharePoint)
See limit for “Documents” in List and library limits
Maximum size of a section
See limit for “File size” in List and library limits
Maximum size of an image, embedded file, and XPS OneNote printout in a OneNote section.
See limit for “File size” in List and library limits
Maximum size of all images, embedded files, and XPS printouts in a single OneNote page.
Default limit is double the “File size” limit.
Merge operations
One per CPU core per Web server
Excel Services limits

Maximum workbook size
10 MB
Machine Translation Service limits

Input file size for binary files
524,288 KB per file
Input file size for text files
15,360 KB per file
Maximum character count for Microsoft Word Documents
10,000,000 per document
Total concurrent translation processes
Delay between translations
59 minutes
Number of translations per translation process
1,000 per process
Maximum concurrent translation requests
Files per translation job
100,000 files
Machine Translation Service database size
1,000,000 files
Office Web Application Service limits

Cache size
100 GB
One per document per second per CPU core per application server (maximum eight cores)
OneNote concurrent merge operations
8 per document
Project Server limits

End of project time
Date: 12/31/2049
Deliverables per project plan
1,500 deliverables
Number of fields in a view
Number of clauses in a filter for a view
SharePoint Apps limits

Maximum Access app size on Office 365/SQL Azure
100 Mb
Apps displayed in Manage Licenses page
Number of app licenses per tenant
Number of apps displayed in the Add an App page
Number of managers per app license
Number of app licenses assigned to a user viewable by that user
Number of apps in the corporate catalog viewable by a single user
Miscellaneous limits

Number of User agent substrings per device channel
Number of SharePoint sources per EDiscovery case
Number of Exchange sources (mailboxes) per EDiscovery case
Maximum size of EDiscovery Query
16K characters or 500 keywords
Number of nodes in managed navigation term set

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